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Custom software development

Our ready to engage team of experts will perform deep-dive analysis, reduce time to market, ensure high-end quality of the project deliverable and empower you to better manage your internal resources and budget.
10hr of complementary business analytics services
Ready to discuss your project within 30min after receiving your request

Project launch within 12hr.

What we can do for your business
Immediate access to highly qualified experts
Reduce time to market of your product
Expand your in-house team to achieve your business goals
Proper balance of skills within a dedicated team
Enhance your competence adding our experts to your team
Top most quality of project deliverable
When do you need
customer software development?
No available in-house team for specific task and no time for recruitment
No in-house development team
Massive backlog
Your team is having a hard time keeping up with tasks
Short-term project
Not lucrative to source in-house team for a small project
The requirements are getting outlined as the development goes
Project scaling
Not enough in-house resources to allocate for section tasks within a large-scale project
Project module
No in-house professionals with relevant knowledge and experience
Insufficient expertise
Our expertise
Technical support
IT staff management
Cyber security
How we work
Managing IT staff
We expand the team when necessary and immerse new members into the project for effective engagement from day one
We carry out comprehensive project management to ensure productive performance and efficiency
We thoroughly study your tasks and technologies, determine the solution to achieve your desired result
We pick a team lead and other experts with relevant experience for a fast kick-off and maximum efficiency
We provide the required infrastructure and procedures to effectively manage the team to ensure timely delivery
Offering infrastructure
Conducting business analysis
Assembling a team
We ensure transparency of labor costs and projected cost of services
Producing results
Upon completion, the client receives finished product within the agreed time frame
Providing tech support
We provide further technical support upon request
Project team compilation
Researches the client's business, develops product vision, develops detailed TOR for further project implementation
DevOps engineer
Adjusts the infrastructure for project implementation and launch
Plans out and adjusts the overall workflow. The main point of contact between the client and the team
Project Manager
Team Lead
Keeps track of the quality and development time, manages the project team
Develops clear and user-friendly interface
Develops the server logic of the project
Drafts the entire visual design of the product according to the best UX/UI practices
QA engineer
Ensures high-end quality of the released product
Team organization structure
Project Manager (PM)
Team Lead Backend (TL)
Front-End developer
Back-End developer
DevOps engineer
QA engineer
Why choose us?
Our dedicated team concentrates only on one project at a time, no switching between projects
We can be involved in the project in the shortest time possible
We have been working in a dedicated team format for over 14 years
While working exclusively with mid-level developers or higher, we emphasize both on hard and soft skills when assembling teams
Highly qualified team
Quick start
All development stages
We use the best technology and solutions from around the world
We are recommended by leading companies such as IBS, Cleverence, Humans
Thinking ahead
International practices
Tell us about your challenges! You will get a reliable team of experts in no time!
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