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If the software is the core of your business, we can help you make it scalable and able to handle any workload
In order to create profitable solutions we apply years of experience, fundamental knowledge of our experts and best practices of implementing a full cycle product development.
From the idea and niche prospect evaluation to market launch - we will turn our development into an important part of customer's business strategy.
A set of services that enable the client API to operate under high load. The system is based on a scalable fault-tolerant architecture.
Multifunctional client interface and server application for personal data management, execution and viewing of payment transactions, registration of orders, security settings.
The management system allows internal users to conduct transactions across a wide range of company business processes.
Cross-platform highly reliable solution for accepting and paying out funds to customers using bank cards, alternative payment systems and terminals.
Automatic verification of payment transactions based on customer profile and history.
Server application and client interface with complex game mechanics for a self-service touch-screen kiosk with a bill acceptor and a receipt printer based on the hardware and software complex of the SFOUR company.
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IT solutions: from your idea to development and product launch
Product development. Roadmap formation
MVP development.
Reducing Time-To-Market
AS-IS model compilation
Client business research and audit
Product requirement elicitation
Competitive analysis
Collection and approval of business requirements
Product KPIs setting
Strategy development and stages planning of an IT product evolution.
Market launch of a pilot version
Hypotheses testing, LTV increase
Tech support
Information security
IT staff management
Technology stack
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Product Vision
MVP project development
Mockup design
Product roadmap building
Software development
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