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Developing Your Operations Platform

Seamless Payments for Your Customers

Integration of Games to Your Platform

Bringing Your Games to Life from Scratch

How can OmegaLab's team of development professionals help you?

OmegaLab's experts have been helping ambitious iGaming businesses to engage and thrill their players for 15 years, through a combination of technological superiority, beautiful design and sound regulatory compliance.


Our original crash game
We developed a unique white-label game, Apollo, and successfully integrated this into the gaming sites of betting partners. The main advantage of the game is the possibility of full customization.
Let your players play Apollo while waiting for sports events' outcomes
Uninterrupted & engaging experience
We're experts in what we do, so you can be sure that we will be the perfect partner to make your dreams a reality. We've helped with integrations for over 10 iGaming providers, and delivered over 1000 games for online casinos.
Why choose OmegaLab?
Hassle-free iGaming
Highly-skilled developers
Our blend of skills in front and back end technologies, coupled with streamlined development methodologies, help create a product which fits the market.
Rapid back-end scaling
Our experience in networking technologies, paired with excellent skills in Java, Angular, SQL & Mongo DB, helps to scale your backend with lightning speed.
We'll take care of both your front and back end development...
Front end
Fast loading iGaming and bookmaker sites responsive experience for players
CMS management
Creation of back offices for iGaming and bookmakers perfect websites for high-loading products
UI/UX design standalone service or as a part of full cycle development
Cross-device support, supported web, mobile, native applications, etc
Cross-product bonuses promotions that work across multiple channels
A variety of casino games including games tailored to your geo-location from specific vendors
Payment pages to manage payments ensuring a variety of payment options available to players
Back end
Tools to manage your casino in real time
add more games for flawless play without overlap, localize games, interact with players
Player tracking comprehensive administration and invoicing track player deposits, withdrawals, account balances, and so on player tracking systems can integrate with other platforms, including existing or legacy systems
Player analytics. Learn about information related to player game performance, profit and revenue generation identify and analyze trends. Understand how your players are performing so that you can predict player habits and behaviours, and provide users with the best possible experience
Improved player loyalty, manage loyalty/VIP programs and track their effectiveness, measure the opportunities available with every player to build a relationship and optimize return
Integration with third parties, which give you access to their API to let you integrate the tools and services of other platforms, enhanced campaign optimization, greater email marketing capabilities, improved player segmentation
Top security. We store payment information and personal data securely to protect against hackers. The latest industry standard encryption protocols
How fast do we work?
we're ready to discuss your project after receiving request
of complementary business analytics services
your project can be launched after confirmation of our partnership
We'll help you to start fast, scale easily and grow securely
Tech Stack
OTR is a leading consulting company in the field of information technology and system integration
"Humans" is a social platform that helps people find other people: employees, freelancers, assistants
"SKB Lab" is an IT project created to develop new financial services
UCS is a leading developer of software for enterprise automation in the hospitality and entertainment industry
IBS is a key technology partner of the leaders of business and government agencies
Cleverence is developer of mobile accounting systems for barcodes and RFID tags
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Product Vision
MVP project development
Mockup design
Product roadmap building
Software development
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